Please take a moment to look over our rules and regulations.  These policies have been put into place to create a safe and enjoyable environment for all of our campers.  Should you have any questions or concerns, please let us know.  Thank you!
1.   Speed Limit within the campground is 5 miles per hour - this includes GOLF CARTS.  All drivers - PLEASE WATCH FOR CHILDREN ON BICYCLES AND AT PLAY!
2.   Cars: ALL VEHICLES MUST HAVE A CURRENT PARKING PASS and be parked on your reserved site only.  Limit = 2 vehicles per site.  No parking on the roads, or in the fire lanes.  Inquire at front desk for additional parking areas.
3.   Quiet Hours:   Weekends = 11pm-8am / Weekdays = 10pm-7am.   During these times, EVERYONE MUST be at a campsite; music and conversation hushed.  Non-overnight guests should depart at, or before quiet hours. Vehicle use is limited to destination driving only.  All children MUST report back to their own campsite when the lodge closes.  Parents are responsible for their children’s actions when unsupervised.  Please respect your neighbors and turn off music and patio lights when retiring for the night. 
      - Need help after hours? Call: 715-335-6860.
4.   Campsite Check-in time is 4:00 pm & Check-out time is 2:00 pm.  Camping fee includes one unit/one family.  Anyone checking in before noon, if site is available, will be charged 1/2 the daily fee extra.  Additional guests to your site must check in at the front desk to receive a pass and will be charged a $5.00 day fee, or a $10.00 overnight fee. 
5.   Cabin Check-in time is 4:00 pm & Check-out time is noon.  Must be 21 or older to rent cabins.  NO pets and NO smoking in cabins.  NO additional camping units can be put up on your cabin site.  1 golf cart is provided with the cabin; all guests must adhere to the Golf Cart Rules (see below.)
6.  ABSOLUTELY NO cutting of trees or driving nails into the trees.  We will prosecute.  
7.   Fire Rings are provided for your campfires. Do not place directly under a tree.  Never leave campfire unattended.  Do not burn garbage.  Do not use gasoline to start fires. Use extreme caution where you dispose of cigarettes and matches. Firewood is available for purchase; do not take wood from piles within the campground.
8.   Garbage:  Guests should separate recyclables from garbage and place in designated cans and dumpsters. Please keep your campsite and cabin clean.
9.   Pets must be kept on a leash and under control at all times and you must clean up after your pet.  Pets are NOT allowed in the rental cabins, on the swimming beach, in the swimming pond, playground, bathrooms, shower rooms, lodge or mini golf area. 
10.  Beach Rules: No food or glass allowed on the beach.  NO LIFEGUARD on Duty; Swim at Your Own Risk.  All children must be supervised and should enter water at the beach area by the playground--north side–as water deepens fast on brim sides. 
11.  Bikes: No riding or parking on the sidewalks or lawn; please park bikes in designated bike racks.  UTVs and ATVs may only be operated in the park in order to get back and forth from the park entrance to your campsite. 5 miles per hour applies.      
12.  No smoking in any campground building, on playground, or swimming area.  Please properly dispose of cigarette butts.
13.  No fireworks, firearms, or weapons of any kind are allowed in the campground.
14.  Dump Station: Wisconsin State Law prohibits any sewage or gray water to be dumped on the ground. Use the dump station within the park.
15.  Restrooms/Washrooms:  It is our desire to keep our washrooms as clean as possible.  At times washrooms will be closed for cleaning.  Please avoid use during these times.  Interruptions to our housekeeping staff prolong the washroom closures.  Small children should be accompanied when using the bath facilities.  Please help us keep a tidy washroom and report any problems immediately.

Golf Carts:
1.  All seasonal and weekend campers with personally owned golf carts must show proof of liability insurance before they drive their golf carts within the campground.
2.  Do not drive golf carts across the lawn--due to sprinkler system--or through the playground areas.
3.  ALL golf cart drivers must be 14 years of age or older and follow the rules of the road; including all campground road signs and speed limits.
4.  All passengers must be seated in a seat.  No standing or sitting on the front or standing on the back of cart.  DO NOT overload your golf cart.
5.  All golf carts must have their site number clearly displayed on the front of the cart.
6.  No drinking alcoholic beverages and driving.  Be safe and park your cart.
7.  Anyone failing to follow these rules will be given a warning and repeat offenses will result in loss of golf cart privileges.
8.  Golf cart concerns should be reported to the front desk.  Provide golf cart # and nature of concern.
Thank you!